Video game violence

Video games don’t cause violence, lag does. This statement is one I always held to be true ever since I started playing video games. Everyone has seen the argument that violence in video games causes children to become more violent individuals, but I believe that the wrong stimulus is being blamed. Anyone who has played video games can tell you that people can get angry when playing video games, but it is not the violent nature of the video games that is at fault. Whenever people get frustrated or angry while playing video games , it is usually more about the competitive nature of the game and less about the actual content. People get pissed about video games because they feel that they lost for unfair reasons, and this same feeling of frustration can occur in other games that are not violent in nature such as board games like monopoly. There are also other forms of media that are just as violent, if not more violent than video games, such as movies and books, yet most people target video games due to their popularity rather than any scientific evidence. The argument that children are becoming more violent because of the graphic nature of video games is nothing more than children relieving pent frustrations at what they believe is an unfair loss.


One thought on “Video game violence

  1. You bring up an interesting point that anger and frustration are associated with different aspects of video games other than their content in and of themselves, such as lag and competition. Other games with nonviolent content do provoke those sorts of feelings as well. You don’t, however, connect anger and frustration directly to violence. Just because someone is angry or frustrated doesn’t automatically mean they will act violently in response. I would also be wary of making a claim like “___ CAUSES violence” because I think some of the factors you mentioned would be a correlational relationship. I did really like how you mentioned other violent forms of media, such as movies (news too, in some cases) tend to be overlooked in favor of video games, where a lot of people seem to prefer to place blame. Children do not receive images of violence from only one source in our society.


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